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Group Life Assurance Scheme

The Group Life Assurance Scheme (Death in Service benefit) is underwritten by Legal & General.

The Scheme is paid for by the Company and no contributions are expected from you as Employee.

The Scheme will be written under Trust and insured by Legal & General and the rules and regulation of this policy are available to any member of staff wishing to see them.

Details of the benefits and eligibility are given below. Because the benefits are written under Trust, the death benefit can be paid tax free to the person you nominate using the attached Expression of Wish Form.

Scheme name: Lindab Limited Group Life Assurance Scheme

Commencement date: 1st April 2018

Eligibility: All permanent employees who have successfully completed their probationary period and who are aged between 16 and 75.

Benefit: 4 x Salary

Definition of salary: Basic annual salary at the date of death

Expiry of cover: Cover will cease either when an employee leaves the business, or if still employed, cover will cease from the member's 75th birthday.

Medical evidence: None required.

To the Trustees of the Scheme:-

In the event of my death I would like to nominate the persons(s) specified below, in the proportions given, as recipients of any lump sum payable under the Scheme.

I fully understand, however, that the Trustees have total discretion as to who will be the final beneficiary.

The proportion of benefits payable should always total 100% of the total sum payable for example:-

1 beneficiary = 100%

2 beneficiaries = 50% per beneficiary total payable 100%

3 beneficiaries = 33.3% per beneficiary total payable 100%

Of course, you may select a different % payable per beneficiary however, please ensure the total proportion of benefit payable always equals 100%.

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Once you have submitted the form above, our HR department will promptly review your submission. A member of our HR team will then contact you to confirm the changes to your expression of wish and ensure that your preferences are accurately recorded.

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