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We simplify construction

By simplifying in every stage, we make it easier to build sustainably because it is human nature to build. We develop products with the environment in mind and invent solutions that meet the need for comfort, simplicity and energy efficiency. We do this so that you can continue building with a clear conscience – not only today, but also tomorrow.

Ventilation products

A comprehensive range of ventilation system components from ducts, silencers and diffusers, to fire dampers, demand-controlled ventilation and chilled beams.

Building products

High-quality sheet metal roofing for professionals and novices alike and the industry-leading complete rainwater system in steel or copper.

Lindab webshop

Save time for the good things in life. Order at your convenience, any time, anywhere using the Lindab webshop. What's more you'll receive an extra 2.5% discount on the net value of your order. 








Solutions make it easier to build for the future

By bringing the whole of our offering under one roof we can make the world a little less complex. With us as our partner you have access to our entire product offering and complete range of expertise in a smart, efficient and easily accessible way. Based on your needs, we help you to package a tailored solution that simplifies the construction of sustainable buildings. 




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Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to call.