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Hotel solutions

The most important economic figure in the hotel industry is the occupancy rate. Of course, the occupancy rate is directly dependent on the comfort of the guest. Some very important well-being requirements are fresh air and that it is quiet and pleasant in the room. The ventilation solution must meet, and ideally exceed the requirements of the guest.

Individual needs

Since people are different, with individual demands for comfort, needs-adapted indoor climate is often an optimal solution. In addition to the quality of system solutions, other important aspects include high energy efficiency and low operating costs, as well as minimal maintenance requirements.

Our hotel apparatus

Our solution is called Lindab Munio and it is an active chilled beam that heats, cools and ventilates to create a perfect indoor climate in hotel rooms. The solution uses water to regulate the room temperature in a very efficient way and is specially developed to be easily installed in ceilings of rooms.


Lindab’s supply air beam unit Munio can be used for cooling, heating and ventilation. It has been developed for the installation and integration into bulkheads for example in hotels, in hospitals or for any other rooms with bulkheads.

Indoor climate a priority at Scandic Crown

When it was time to renovate Scandic Crown's 130 hotel rooms, Lindab Munio was the choice. A choice they have not regretted.

I can sleep better

People in areas with high levels of air pollution are 60 percent more likely to sleep poorly than those with cleaner air. A bad night's sleep could affect your productivity the next day. By selecting a hotel that has prioritised a healthy indoor climate you will wake up fresh and ready for a new day.




Hotel night

Do you think about the indoor air and how it will affect your sleep when selecting a hotel? A bad night's sleep could affect your productivity the next day. By asking for proper ventilation, more hotels will prioritize a healthy indoor environment for their guests. And by selecting hotels that have understood this already, you will wake up fresh and ready for a new day.







Do you want to talk to an expert?

Our experienced technical engineers are here to help you select the right products for your design. Do not hesitate to get in touch.