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Flange & stiffener

Doby flange, VerroFlange, Circular flange, XL Flange and VerroMax flange systems with vane and track, stiffener, clamps and accessories.

Rectangular ductwork profiles and corners are the means to join lengths of ductwork together and enable a near airtight seal between the pieces. Typically, this would be done using four lengths of profile each connected with a corresponding corner producing a frame. The frame is then attached to the next frame and so on.

Turning Vane is designed to provide economical air turns, with a smooth external face thereby reducing friction loss and noise generation. Track allows rapid assembly without the need for riveting or spot welding.

Stiffener is fitted to the outside of ductwork between the cross joints to strengthen and stiffen the ductwork whilst also reducing vibration. 

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