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Research & development

As part of our quality and the environmental policy Lindab commit to working with continuous improvements to create safe products and solutions that simplify construction for our customers and offer the best solutions from both a social and a product lifecycle perspective. We aim for our products and solutions to contribute to buildings becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

> Lindab Quality & Environmental Policy

In close cooperation

By cooperating with universities, material suppliers, and other key players, we ensure that we always have access to the latest knowledge within our fields and can thereby optimise the manufacturing process, as well lowering both costs and environmental impact.

Listening to customers’ comments and requests increases our understanding further. Resources are dedicated to the development of products in order to create the solutions that best meet our customers' expectations. 

Innovation is at the core of our business.

Through putting future issues such as simplicity and energy-efficiency high on the agenda, we continuously invent and launch patented technologies that lead the way forward.​

Lindab have registered over 70 patents since 1959. Some of our most exciting patented technologies include our precise airflow and temperature measurement product- Lindab UltraLink, and our intelligent demand controlled ventilation system- Lindab Pascal. 





We research sound and deliver silence

If your ventilation system is dimensioned correctly and has the right attenuation, then you can avoid noise nuisance. Through decades of research and development in our own sound laboratory, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in acoustics and its important role in open office landscapes, industrial buildings and other rooms where several people must thrive at the same time.