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Ventilation fire protection for a safe indoor climate

Fire in building environments poses a threat to life and may cause extensive damage to property. Safe, reliable ventilation fire protection ensures that damage and injuries are kept to a minimum or even prevented in the event of a fire. Lindab Protect is our ventilation fire protection range offering greater safety. These products and systems have been developed in order to protect people and property.

Safe evacuation in the event of a fire

Ventilation fire protection is primarily a matter of human safety. In the event of a fire, taking just a few breaths could cause unconsciousness and, at worst, death. This is why it is incredibly important to limit the risks right from the time buildings are constructed.

Efficient, safe evacuation must also be made possible in buildings designed to be used by lots of people all at once. Lindab’s dampers prevent fire and smoke from spreading from one fire compartment to another through the ventilation system.




Why Lindab Protect?

  • Saves lives and minimises damage to property and building structures.
  • Provides fire compartmentation to prevent the rapid spread of smoke and fire.
  • Subdivides buildings to protect escape routes and areas of high risk or high value.
  • Meets the requirements of building regulations and EN standards.






Safer indoor environment

Lindab Protect offers a complete ventilation system that can withstand very high temperatures for a specified time – without losing its properties. Every component in our solution is tested in the harshest of environments and is certified in accordance with the strictest standards for ventilation fire protection systems.




Lindab fire dampers

Lindab offers various models of fire dampers with high performance. Our circular and rectangular fire dampers are light and easy to install in narrow spaces.

The circular fire dampers are available in sizes from ø100 to ø800 and rectangular in dimensions from 100×200 to 1500×800. The dampers are supplied as standard with Belimo motor or with Siemens motor on request.
The dampers are tested and certified according to the highest standards.




Fire damper FNC1U

A fire occurrence can be limited before it develops into a disaster. FNC1U is a new circular fire damper designed to prevent fire and smoke from spreading in the ventilation system.




Prove your competence!

We've partnered with expert training providers, Hasman to provide approved competency training to ensure Lindab fire dampers are able to provide the protection that they are designed for and to satisfy industry demand. 




Design your own fire protection system

We provide software solutions and applications to support you with all documentation, complete system calculations, and fast and reliable product selection based on your requirements. Visit our digital calculation tool, LindQST, to design the perfect fire protection solution to match your needs and get access to all necessary documentation.




Do you want to talk to an expert?

Our fire and smoke experts are here to help you select the right products for your design. Do not hesitate to get in touch.