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Sustainable steel rainwater system

The industry leading steel rainwater system designed and manufactured by the steel experts. Lindab Rainline is the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation.

It has been developed by professionals for professionals. And, over time, it has become their top choice. Not least because Rainline’s hard wearing properties ensure decades of performance without rusting or leaking.

Steel you can trust

Steel is strong, versatile and durable, but it needs to be processed professionally. Lindab buys more than 200,000 tonnes of sheet steel every year, which is equivalent to what is needed to manufacture approximately half a million cars. So we know what we are doing.

Steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. It is lighter than cast iron, offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic- which moves, cracks and leaks- and is inexpensive compared to cast aluminium.




High quality durable coating

To provide durable rust proofing the steel is coated with 275g zinc per m2. The galvanised coating is naturally self-healing, any scratch or cut being automatically sealed by zinc ions, which wander to re-coat the uncovered steel.

This steel has a thick layer of zinc coating on both sides which protects the steel core from corrosion and the top coat contains polymer grains that make the surface scratch resistant. This coating also has excellent flexibility which
enables the sheet steel to be formed to produce various products without damage to the coating.




Easy fit smart system

Every component of the Lindab Rainline system has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards with improvements made over the decades. The result is a system where every part snaps into the next to give a perfect fit for unlimited applications. Smart push-fit and click-lock features save installation time for professionals and make DIY easy.




A complete range of components

Rainline’s extensive product range offers rainwater solutions for any type of building, large or small, domestic or commercial.

Gutters are available in 4 widths or rectangular profile and downpipes are available in 4 diameters or vandal resistant reinforced steel.





Whatever your aesthetic

Lindab building products are available in a large range of distinct colours. 

See the full range of colours available in our Rainline, Seamline and Coverline ranges and request swatch samples of your favourites. 

Naked metals

In addition to our coated materials we also have unpainted natural copper and Magestic galvanised finishes available for guttering and drainage. 

Unpainted metal gutters naturally weather organically adjusting to the installation environment. Magestic settles to an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation.




Rainline price list

It's easy to select your preferred colour and configure your steel or copper guttering system using our digital price list. 

Download the Rainline price list or simply share the link with your contractor or client. 




Timeless roof in no time at all

Lindab Coverline SRP25N steel roof panels are inspired by traditional standing seam roof. Pre-formed sheets are supplied in custom lengths from 0.8m to 8m which you simply click together with no need for special tools. You can have an elegant, timeless roof which perfectly matches your rainwater system with both being easy to install for experienced professionals or practical novices alike.




Information Gateway

Information Gateway is our portal for CAD and BIM software and tools for Lindab Profile building products including rainwater systems and roofing.




Lindab Profile Systems distributors

Lindab Rainline rainwater drainage products and Coverline roofing products are sold exclusively through merchants and distributors who can help you with other building products for your complete project. 

Due to our extensive network, there's always an approved distributor near. They can help you with your orders, quotes and can arrange visits from our regional team when our expertise is required on site. 

We have a dedicated site for the customers of our distributors. You can use your post code to search for a local supplier or an online reseller.




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