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Sustainable buildings for our future

Lindab offers high-quality products that help build sustainable and comfortable environments where you can live, work and play. At the UN Summit in September 2015, world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda, with 17 Global Goals for a Sustainable and Fair World by 2030.

Environmental certification of buildings is an important factor in achieving Objective 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

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Sustainable certification

Sustainability certification of a building means that the environmental work and the environmental performance of the building are reviewed by self-monitoring or by a third party. The goal of environmental certification of a building is to reduce environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the building. Certification helps reduce the use of resources such as land, water, energy and building materials.

Steel- a durable material

Steel has a very long service life and is one of the world's most recycled materials. It has an eternal and closed cycle that allows it to be 100 percent reused time and time again. Unlike other materials, steel is never consumed – it is used. Building with steel is sustainable.
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Reduced carbon footprint with tight duct systems

Our Lindab Safe duct system is the first Eurovent certified air duct systems in the world to meet air tightness class D. Air tightness is an essential part of creating a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient living environment.

Environmental product declarations (EPD)

An environmental product declaration describes the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. From raw material extraction to recycled materials after the life of the building. We are in the process of creating EPDs for all Lindab products.
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Discover more

Having up-to-date information is crucial for sustainability certification. We provide you with relevant documentation through, among other things, product certificates and building product declarations which can be found in our product catalogue.




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For a better climate

At Lindab, we want to create healthy buildings, reduce our customers' climate impact and run a sustainable business. All this we have collected under "For a better climate". There you can read more about our sustainability activities and plans.