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The tune of a healthy building

Lindab Acoustic is our range of sound attenuators, offering acoustic solutions and accurate sound calculations for optimised ventilation systems in buildings. Through decades of research and development we have gathered extensive knowledge and experience within the field of noise reduction, helping our customers design soundproof ventilation systems that contribute to healthier buildings for people to grow, live and work in.




Quiet environment for better performance

Sound can be a source of enjoyment and comfort. Most people appreciate a well composed piece of music or the calming sound of the ocean. Environmental noise, or monotonous sound can on the other hand create irritation among people and be a considerable cause for health problems.
Studies also point to a link between the elimination of noise and increased productivity, good health, and stress reduction.

Sound investments for well-being

At Lindab we believe that everyone should have the right to a healthy indoor environment - including a quiet space. We know that with proper product selection and accurate data, noise pollution from ventilation systems, both around and inside of a building can be avoided. That is why acoustics and sound attenuation has been a central part of our product range, research facilities and competences for years.




The science of sound

Proof of concept with tests and data

Sound - and the reduction of it - is science. Pressure drop, insertion loss and self-generated noise all affect the energy efficiency of a ventilation system and how the sound is encountered in a room.

Lindab’s Acoustic Laboratory in Farum, Denmark, was established in 1999. The laboratory is built in accordance with DS/EN ISO 7235 and is certified by an external authority. In 2019 the laboratory was updated to meet requirements of 2020 and onwards.

The tests and measurements in our laboratory are done according to this standard and are crucial for the development and improvement of our products. It guarantees that both performance and data is reliable and assures accurate sound calculations for system dimensioning and sound requirements.

Read more about Lindab's acoustic lab or watch the full video here

Why invest in sound?

Sound and energy efficiency

Reduce the noise – and save energy

Reducing the environmental noise in a building is important. Being conscious about the energy consumption of a building is also important.

Our products and systems are a result of research and development, where optimised indoor climate and energy efficiency are put as our highest standards. Pressure loss is a meaningful indicator for the total operating costs of a ventilation system, which is why it is an important parameter in our tests and measurements for all our products – including  ducts, fittings, air diffusers and silencers.

Not sure about pressure drop? Read this blog post or take a look at our ventilation theory for more technical information

We support you along the way

Precise data and professional software solutions

All our tested measurements and results are accessible through our product selection software, LindQST. It is a one-stop destination for accurate sound calculations, optimised selection and design of a high-quality, silent and energy saving ventilation system.

With Lindab’s CADvent Plugin for MagiCAD, Revit or AutoCAD you have a well-equipped toolbox for your design software, supporting you in the selection and order process for the complete ventilation solution. The silencer selection and data transfer from LindQST to your Ventilation layout guarantees a correct sound calculation and product code transfer. This will help you to design a ventilation system that fulfils all sound requirements.



Certificates and documentation

It is a matter of trust, knowledge and experience.

Products without accurate data are meaningless in system dimensioning. Our sound attenuators come with detailed documentation, technical specifications, and 3rd party certificates for tightness class and cleanability.  



Unique solutions for unique cases

Lindab acoustic products include silencers for all purposes - from residential buildings, to hospitals, music halls, industrial and marine projects. As a leading manufacturer of sound attenuators, Lindab can guarantee a wide product range of tested acoustic solutions that are developed, designed, and produced to be easily installed and maintained.




Acoustic solutions for a quiet and pleasant indoor climate




Need more support?

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to call.