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Renovation of buildings

Properties account for about 40 percent of energy consumption. Consequently, building renovation is a crucial area to focus on to reduce energy consumption. Heating, cooling and ventilating of a building account for a significant proportion of its costs and energy consumption. For this reason it makes good environmental and financial sense to renovate existing buildings.


Demand controlled ventilation

With the help of demand controlled ventilation, the air can be directed to where it is needed most, providing high-quality indoor air while reducing energy consumption.

DCV One is one example of our offering for demand controlled ventilation. DCV One distributes the air through the ceiling. It senses how the room is used and controls how much air that should flow through the system for optimal air quality.

Room by room

To replace an entire ventilation system in a building is often not an option. The ventilation system has a long life span and it's not necessary to replace the current system to get an energy-efficient, modern ventilation system. 

An upgrade can be done in one room, on a floor, or in the entire building. Switch out one part of the ventilation in the ceiling and replace it with a smart unit such as UltraLink. The impact on the building is minimal, but the effect on energy consumption is considerable.

No wires – no worries

UltraLink is installed in existing ducts and everything is connected via Bluetooth. You can set up the entire Ultra BT system in less than an hour per room. Once you have placed the sensors on the wall, you download the OneLink app to your phone, set all preferred levels in the room, and that is it. No wires needed.




Sustainability certifications

Sustainability certification of a building means that the environmental work and the building’s environmental performance are reviewed by self-inspection or by a third party. Lindab offers a wide range of products that are aligned with the certification requirements for BREEAM, LEED and others. 




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