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New facilities
In the UK we have invested in a new 65,000 sq ft site in Manchester.  New robots have been installed which will semi-automate production of some of our fastest moving lines providing higher efficiency, increased capacity and improving the working environment.

Out with the old machines
Production and operational machinery which has become inefficient over their lifetime are being replaced. Our new procurement policy ensures that energy consumption is taken into account with any investments such as our new segment cutting machine and suter forming machines.

Don't let the heat out
Insulation plays a vital part in any plan to reduce energy consumption. Our new modern facility in Manchester is insulated, this replaces our separate old production unit and sales branch. This move saves over 44MWh energy per year.

Shining a light on energy reduction
We’re switching fluorescent lights to efficient LED lighting across all our sites. Those that we have converted so far will save 140MWh per year. The project will reduce our carbon emissions by 35 tonnes per year.

Streamlining supplies
Consolidating deliveries of consumables has resulted in over 550 delivery journeys direct to site prevented and the associated emissions and fuel consumption