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Reducing waste and creating a circular economy

To minimise our impact on the environment we work to reduce waste, move towards recyclable materials and collaborate across the supply chain to increase circularity. 

We have sent zero waste to landfill for more than 2 years.
All waste is recycled or diverted to energy reclamation. We will increase the proportion going to recycling by over 10% in the next year.

We’re optimising waste streams.
We have invested in new recycling bins and waste balers to control and segregate waste and have put in place updated sustainable waste management policies.

We have a circular economy solution for packaging
We will send up to 250 tonnes a year of cardboard and paper waste back to our packaging supplier to recondition and reuse for the same purpose.

We have provided reusable drinks bottles to our whole UK team.
This will reduce waste of disposable cups by 39,000 per year from our Manchester site alone plus it keeps our team well hydrated.

We are world class at reducing production waste
Cutting programmes minimise waste metal in our production processes. Any off-cuts of sufficient size are retained for smaller segments. We have less defect parts per million than the automotive industry. Damaged products are assessed to be reworked. Waste steel from production is always recycled.





Investment for reduced energy consumption

Lindab has implemented our largest investment programme in our history. Lindab's ongoing investment program with short pay back times includes approximately 50 projects on Lindab's facilities in Europe. In 2020, we invested SEK 425 million.