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Reduce the environmental impact from our customers

Buildings account for 40 percent of all energy consumption. Together with our customers, we can reduce the environmental impact by offering leading energy-efficient products and systems with a high degree of recycling.

Sustainable and energy efficient solutions

Having the most energy-efficient solutions on the market is not only a competitive advantage, it is also necessary for the global climate. Energy-efficient solutions also reduce customers' environmental impact and operating costs.

It is important for us to offer products that are safe and easy to work with. We should also offer services and solutions to extend the products' life span and optimise their usage. A long-term goal for Lindab is to offer complete services for the entire product life cycle.

Lindab will:

  • lower customers’ environmental impact through our products.
  • offer the most recognised and preferred products for sustainability.






Digital tools and new technology to optimise energy use

Digital technology can be used to optimise products and systems. With smart and connected products, data can be used to support better decision-making on energy consumption and resource allocation.

By offering connected products, maintenance and configuration can take place remotely, which increases efficiency and reduces energy usage.

Customers can optimise the design of their construction projects with the help of smart software. It provides a better indoor climate while giving the customer a more efficient planning process.

Lindab will:

  • offer support for calculations so that different solutions can be compared.
  • offer digital tools so that the customer can choose the most energy-efficient design and system.
  • offer connected products to be able to optimise the indoor climate and reduce energy consumption.
  • develop smart products with the aim of increasing product life and offering better services.







Circular economy with a high degree of reusability

The construction sector has great potential to minimise waste and improve circular flows through more efficient use of resources. Products and services must be designed to have a long service life, be reusable and recyclable.

The entire life cycle will be evaluated when choosing product design and materials. Environmental product declarations (EPD) are created so that it is clear how the products affect the environment.

To succeed with a circular economy, collaboration must take place throughout the customer and supply chain.

Lindab will:

  • use sustainable materials in our products.
  • design our products for reuse or recycling, in order to minimise their impact on the environment during their life cycle.





Lindab's sustainability plan