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Get the boss to do your job!

NewsAPR 29, 2022 14:00 CET

We gave our team the chance to win the opportunity to have our MD, Iain Robertson, doing their job for the day, they would also get an extra day holiday to put their feet up or have a duvet day!

We raised £340 in raffle ticket sales which Lindab are doubling and donating to the Ukraine appeal.

Production Planner Max Manza was randomly selected as the winner.

Max has been with the company for around 6 months and is employed to support the production team following our investment into new facilities. There is a wide range of different tasks that have to be complete on a day-to-day basis including;

  • Planning the production line and overseeing the production cycle.
  • Communicating with our branches regarding their production requests.
  • Ensuring that we are keeping on top of stock requirements to supply demand.
  • Coordinating with production staff to ensure that we are running to schedule and that we have all the required materials.
  • Making efficiencies in production lead times.

These are just a few things that Iain would be getting involved in for the day.

Max opted to work alongside Iain for the day to really show him how it’s done so they started the morning off bright and early. Max confirmed Iain was on time for his shift!

First task for the day; walk around the production facility to catch up with people, checking whether they were on track with the daily and weekly plans and check if they need any help. Iain spent a good amount of time engaging with what they do and getting to grips with how the plan works on a day-to-day basis. There was even a quick moment to have a snoop on Operations Director, Adam, who himself was packing boxes in the warehouse!

Moving swiftly onto paperwork! Max showed Iain how to book in items onto our system, checking that next week’s plans are ready and if anything needs to be adjusted to ensure all manufacturing requirements could be completed. We had an important quick catch up with Production Supervisor, Tony, to check that everything in the warehouse was running smoothly and if he needed any assistance.

Finally, Max decided to leave the best job till last- tidying up the yard. Housekeeping is something that we take seriously as ‘Neatness and Order’ is one of our core values so this is something that must be done. This wasn’t Iain’s favourite part of the day but despite how it may appear, he took it on the chin.

After his long day of stepping into Max’s shoes we caught up with Iain for a quick comment-

“It was an insightful day! The team are a good laugh, I really enjoyed my time with them and seeing what they get up to daily. It was enjoyable to experience the job first hand. It really has brought home how far we have come with production over the last few years.”

We also asked Max about how he felt about the experience-

“It’s been a really nice day and a pleasure to have Iain as part of the team, even if it was just for one day. He took well to the job and got involved. It was a big chance to open conversations about why and how we do things here and demonstrate the improvements we have worked towards over the last 6 months. Iain is welcome back anytime!”

We’re already talking to the Business Leadership Team about more opportunities to have them step into someone else’s shoes for the day.