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Design and function in perfect harmony

Personalise your ventilation and improve your indoor climate at the same time. Lindab Airy is an attractive, slim, effective air valve with unlimited opportunities and the lowest sound power level on the market.

Don’t go without style. Go Airy!

• Easy cleaning
• Low sound level
• Customised design
• Five front options
• Good indoor climate




Colour, form and function

The design valve Lindab Airy suits all kinds of ventilation systems and airflow is easily adjusted with one action. Don’t compromise on design, when making decisions for a better indoor climate. Go Airy if only the best is good enough for your building.

• Simple grip fastening
• Fits in existing systems
• Extends 5-25 mm from the wall
• Snap on/off front
• Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
• Suitable for supply and exhaust air




How to customise Lindab Airy

Choose between five forms, three fronts and three dimensions.
No matter what you choose Lindab Airy suits all kinds of
ventilation systems.




Easy installation

Lindab Airy fits all kinds of ventilation systems and suits both ceiling and wall installation. The smart fastening grip makes mounting quick. Airflow is easily adjusted with one simple action, by turning the cone. Then you just click the front on. It’s as simple as that!




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