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A complete ventilation package

Lindab solutions comprise all the elements needed to execute a ventilation project: air handling units, fans, attenuators, diffusers, grilles, plenums, VAV devices and control systems which can all be supplied with our industry leading Eurovent certified ducting. 

We simplify the construction of sustainable buildings

You receive a complete combination of products, knowledge and support – all in one package. This means you can carry out your project more efficiently and create a sustainable indoor climate to meet your needs and those of the end user.

Air movement systems for any situation

Indoor climate solutions for ultimate comfort




The digital age of construction

We know your time is costly. To help you develop optimal, reliable solutions in the shortest possible time, we provide you with what you need: intelligent and rational IT tools that make your working day easier.

Supporting you throughout the process, we help you to plan, dimension and develop your project. We provide complete documentation about your systems and industry-leading products.