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We simplify construction

Time is limited and working conditions are not always at their best. Lindab strives to simplify construction therefore we have a range of handy Smart Tools, specialy designed with the ductworked in mind, which can help you work faster and safer. 

Giving you a helping hand

Manual handling often requires two people which is not always convenient or possible. Smart tools such as the TRO trolley and SRH carry handles simplify moving goods to where they are needed most and make it possible to complete tasks without others.




SR Handles

SRH is a carrying handle which makes it substantially easier to manually move circular ventilation ducts at the building site.




Making work less demanding

You can make work easier on your body and ensure good quality when cutting using the SRC cutting bench or SRR rollers with our CSS shears or TRUMPF power tools which are all designed with duct-work in mind.

SR Rollers

SRR is a cradle for cutting of ducts with Ø 315--1250 mm. The duct is placed on two or three cradles for simple, fast and ergonomically correct rotating at marking of cut length and at cutting.


Professional sheet metal fabricators in many industries around the world rely on user-friendly power and battery tools by TRUMPF. We can supply their problem solving power tools for HVAC professionals which offer more power, more battery and more cutting to make your work quicker and safer.




Smart probes for smart pros

Lindab have worked with Testo for many years to provide high quality testing tools for HVAC professionals. The new generation of products with app integration are easier to use and more reliable than ever.

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Do you want to know more?

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to call.