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Thinking outside the box

A round bead on the forward-facing lip of the gutter is typical of Swedish style steel guttering. The combination of this feature with a box shape creates an elegant alternative to traditional guttering whilst having an added advantage of improved functionality.

Easy installation

Those familiar with Lindab Rainline guttering will know how the well-designed gutter joints allow easy and secure installation. The new rectangular system includes the same type of one-piece joint offering simplified and quick fitting.




The contemporary aesthetic and simplified functionality that is characteristic of modern Swedish design




Rainline reimagined

Rectangular guttering from Lindab shares all the benefits that you have come to expect from the Rainline steel rainwater system:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lowest carbon footprint of rainwater materials
  • Lightweight but won't crack or split
  • Inexpensive and virtually maintenance free
  • A wide range of painted colour options with a 15 year warranty
  • Available in unpainted Magestic galvanised finish with 10 year warranty




A complete design solution

A new BIM package for our rectangular gutter system is now available for Revit. The system includes gutters, gutter angles, nozzle pieces, brackets, stop ends and joint clips.

CAD and BIM files are available from the Lindab Information Gateway.

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