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Sustainable principles

Landscape Design company Gardens Sorted specialise in renovation and bespoke garden installations. This project is a former farmyard and threshing barn conversion, the brief was to follow sustainable principles, the artifacts used around the garden are largely reclaimed, reused or recycled agricultural items.

The client gardens by organic principles therefore the need for non-PVC galvanised rainwater goods was paramount.

Maintenance free

Chris Bligh, designer and installer at Gardens Sorted describes the installation: ”The rainwater solution required the high roof gutters to be deep profile, maintenance free, non-blocking outlets, and a long elegant downpipe into the storn water drain across the yard. The addition of a rainwater diverter at the lower section afforded connection to a pressure water hose under grounded to two bends emptying into a reclaimed galvanised water tank. The hose is always full of water to the height of the tank. The important value of this is that the client can then dunk a large watering can into the deep water at waist height.”

Chris adds that Lindab’s Rainline products are very good and he was grateful for a high standard of customer service.

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