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Sex Pistols Inspiration

Exciting changes are happening at the Piraeus block in Lund, where 223 student apartments are being built to create a functional and lively community. Thanks to a collaboration between MSA Open Studio, Stiftelsen AF Bostäder, Wästbygg, and Lödde Plåt, the design of the roof drainage system is getting a unique twist, inspired by punk icon Sid Vicious and the band Sex Pistols.

"Normally, we make sure that roof drainage comes quite late in the processes, but in our case, we have highlighted it and made sure that it has become something big." - Elin Algotsson, Architect MSA, Open Studios in Malmö

Unique design

The project, centered on crafting affordable yet top-notch student apartments, has taken a pioneering approach. Rather than treating the roof drainage system as an afterthought in the construction phase, it was elevated to a central aspect of the design. Utilizing Lindab's standard products for roof drainage, the project achieved distinctive designs that marry aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

Contrasting colours

The selection of black and antique white colors imparts a striking and commanding appearance to the buildings, while also nodding to the edgy and youthful spirit of punk. This innovative utilization of the roof drainage system has not only enhanced the buildings' visual appeal but has also fostered a more sustainable and economical solution.

Reinterpreted functionality

The project at Piraeus stands as a shining example of how traditional building components can be reinterpreted and used in new, innovative ways. It shows how Lindab's products can be adapted and used to not only meet functional needs, but also to create unique and inspiring environments.

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