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Design, Supply & Install

Earthwise Construction was selected to undertake the design, supply, and installation of two MVHR systems in a certified Passivhaus School building. By incorporating MVHR technology, the project aims to achieve exceptional indoor air quality and efficient heat recovery, creating an environment conducive to both health and productivity for the students.

Innovative MVHR

Being their first venture into designing an MVHR system for a Passive House school building, Earthwise faced distinctive challenges. These included navigating budget constraints, meeting the stringent Passive House standard, and addressing occasional conflicts with building regulations specific to educational facilities. 

Embracing Lindab Safe

Our design team showcased expertise, successfully overcoming these obstacles and delivering an innovative system that met all requirements while ensuring optimal indoor air quality and energy efficiency for the school. Embracing our Lindab Safe range of ductwork and LRCA attenuators brought delight to the process as they were assured of the system's optimal performance. 

A delight to be involved

Earthwise expressed their delight and enthusiasm for being part of the project,  saying - "We are excited to think that the MVHR system, will provide pupils of the school with a great level of indoor air quality, which will hopefully facilitate them to learn in a comfortable and productive environment."

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