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DSV Head Office

DSV is a global provider of transport and logistics services with its head office in Hedehusene outside Copenhagen. Lindab has delivered a complete indoor climate and ventilation solution to the head office with one of the specified requirements being chilled beams with built-in LED lighting.

The delivery to DSV's head office is clearly an example of how function, aesthetics and high quality can be combined in a modern and energy-efficient indoor climate system.

Comprehensive delivery

Lindab delivered 350 Premum chilled beams to DSV Hedehusene, specially adapted for LED lighting from Philips, along with 160 LCP diffusers with accompanying MBBV plenum boxes, 50 VRU variable flow regulators and 200 supply air grilles. As well as these Indoor Climate products, Lindab also supplied the complete air duct system for the whole building including ducting, fittings, silencers etc. “It was certainly important that Lindab were able to adapt their Premum beam to the Philips light fitting,” says Susanne Brumé Haacks, construction manager at the ventilation installation company JT3 Klima.

Low energy consumption

The entire building has low energy consumption and will be classified as a low-energy building. Moreover, the building’s systems are adapted for solar panel connection on the roof if needed in the future.