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COVID-19 hospitals

As the COVID-19 pandemic first took hold in the UK, in preparation for significantly increased numbers of critical care patients, the government, the British Armed Forces and the NHS created temporary large-scale hospitals and completed expansion and adaption of existing hospitals. Ensuring that these facilities were well ventilated was crucial to delivering healthy environments.

Rapid transformation

Lorry loads of Lindab duct, fittings, dampers and grilles were delivered to the Dragon Heart Hospital at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium for Parker Environmental to build vital ventilation systems.

As the national stadium of Wales it is usually full of sports fans but became the second largest hospital in the UK as it was kitted out to hold 2,000 beds to help with the NHS efforts to beat the Coronavirus.




The length and breadth of the country

Lindab supplied fans and filters for these fantastic portable air handling units for the Royal Cornwall Hospital. We also supplied Torbay Hospital, The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Derriford Hospital, and medical manufacturer Becton Dickinson in the South West.

Products were supplied for Trafford General isolation wards, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Alderley Edge medical testing facilities and Christie Hospital in the North West. A massive order of dampers went to the Royal London Hospital. Fire dampers and VCDs accompanied Safe fittings to the OneWelbeck Street Medical Facility in London.

Lindab were also involved in COVID relief projects in Cardiff in Wales, Washington in the North East, and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.




Royal Cornwall Hospital

We love this walk-through of the Rapid Assessment Treatment Service unit at the Royal Cornwall Hospital featuring Lindab Versio swirl diffusers.