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Save time with pre-insulated ducts

Lindab ISOL is hot dipped galvanised steel ducting with intermediate mineral wool insulation between inner and outer steel sheets. This eliminates the need for any additional site fitted insulation drastically reducing installation time.




Certified performance

ISOL pipes are cut to desired lengths at the factory to suit exact site requirements. Fittings incorporate Lindab Safe push-fit joints which simplify installation further with no need for sealants or tape. The system is Eurovent certified to airtightness Class D.




Prevent condensation

A pre-insulated duct system is especially suitable when low temperature fresh air is supplied to the space and risk of condensation is present or for outdoor applications.




Suited to many applications

A consistent, high quality finish is particularly appealing for exposed
installations. ISOL can be supplied self-finished or painted.

High insulation properties also make ISOL an ideal fit for applications where sound control is important as it reduces breakout noise from the ventilation system.













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